Story of the Ruby Hat


I am very honoured to be featured (along with my “Ruby” Hat) on the fabulous blog “Ruby’s Musing.

Ruby is a lovely lady who describes herself as “Just a retro housewife living in a modern world.”

But Ruby is much more than that; her interactions on social media show her to be kind and supportive, and very passionate about vintage and retro fashion and pursuits.

And no, I’m not just saying that so you’ll go and read the blog about my hats! Shame on you for even thinking it! lol 😉

There are lots of pretty horrible things going on in the world right now. And it’s people like Ruby, making a small difference in their own way, that remind us that things haven’t gone completely to hell in a hand basket.

So please check out Ruby’s blog. Delve into her archive and see the interesting things she gets up to (although I’m sure some of the recipes she tries is well beyond me merger cooking skill. I think I’ll stick to hats!)


And on that note, here is one more photo of the “Ruby” I create for the lovely lady above. Feminine, fun and classy like the lady herself, I’m very proud to have it worn with such pleasure half a world away.

Until next time,

Kind regards
Morgana 🙂